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Hi Students
Here are some very important HR questions which are often asked during Interviews and I believe these answers can really help you to get through.......

1.Tell me about yourself?

Try to introduce some of your most important Employment-oriented skills as well as your education and accomplishments to the interviewer.
Answer to this question is very important because it positions you for the rest of the interview. That's why this statement is often called the " Positioning Statement".

One should take the opportunity to show his/her communication skills by speaking clearly and concisely in an organized manner.
 Since there is no right or wrong answer for this question hence it is important to appear friendly.

Answers can be:

1.I completed by Engineering  in IIT, Delhi in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Afterwards, I started my career at Mumbai as a software engineer in LnT Infotech. I’ve been there for 3 years now. I love solving riddles and puzzles and I also enjoy jogging, reading and watching movies.

2. I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with people. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to problems.

2.what is your strengths?

This is a simple and popular interview question.
All will say their strength like “I am Young, Dynamic, Intelligent, Smart and so on…”.

Do not simply state your strength. Everyone has some strength, you need to convert them into benefits.
In short, try to explain yourself by converting your features into strengths.

Your answers can be:

1) I am a hard worker and because of this ability I can work for additional hours to accomplish my tasks.
I am commitment oriented and hence I always enjoy the trust and confidence of my team mates which enables me to perform my duties very easily.

2) I’ve always been a great team player and I can work Efficiently to produce quality work in a team environment.
I can accomplish a large amount of work within a short period of time hence I get things done on time.

3)I am a quick learner, so I can learn any subject quickly and analyze my job and add value to it as well as I can identify the problem and solve them faster and better.

3.Difference between Smart Worker and Hard Worker?

 "A hard worker always do right things but a smart worker always put things right."

4.Why should I hire you?

Reasons to Hire me:

a. I am a perfect fit for this position. I have three years of experience in this technology and my   skills enable me to develop better products in less time.
On top of that I am a great team player that gets a long with everyone.

b.My Qualification and work Experience matches your needs perfectly.
   Even though I realize other candidates also have the ability to do this job But I bring an additional quality that makes me the best person for this job - my passion for excellence.

5.why do you want to leave your current job/organisation/company?

This question looks very simple but it’s not that easy to answer it.
I like to say both wrong answer and right answer to this question.

Wrong Answer
1.I hate my job, my company and my boss,need more money.
2.My company makes me work for more additional hours and was paying on a low scale.
3.My co-workers never supported me and were jealous for my work.

If you give this type of wrong answer and bad-mouth  about your previous company, superiors and co-workers because it will definitely sound negative on your part.
Interviewer may think you may talk bad about his company the next time you’re looking for another job.

Correct Answer :

1.I was looking for a position like this which is an excellent match for my Skills and Experience and I am not able to fully utilize them in my present job as there is very limited scope for growth.

2. I am interested in a new challenge and an opportunity to use my technical skills and experience in a different capacity than I have in the past.

6.what are your short term goals?

Short term goal depends upon where you stand right now.
A person with 5 years of experience will have different short term goals than a person with no work experience.

You can Answer like this:

 I want to see myself as a Senior software developer or Team leader  in your esteemed organization where by with all my skills and enhanced learning I shall be able to make valuable and meaningful contribution to your organization.

7.what are your Long term goals?

HR will ask this question to check your seriousness about career.

Correct Answer:

Give always ambitious answer that shows really you Love your Career.
Like this
1.My long term goal is to be an instructor. I have always loved to teach and hence I would like to grow newer employees and help co-workers where ever I can.

2.After a successful career, I look forward to write a book on Programming Language.

3. My long term goal is to become partner for a consulting firm. I know a lot of hard work determination and patience is required to become a partner.

4.My long term goal is to become director of a company. I know it sounds a little too ambitious but I’m smart and willing to work hard a lot.

Wrong answer
Do not say like "To Become rich and retire early".

8.where do you see yourself five years from now?

This questions is similar to short term goal but you need to answer them differently like

 I want to become a manager. I want to continue gaining experience, and after learning many different aspects, I see myself in management.

9.Do you prefer to work alone or as a team player?

If you have a strong preference to work alone also the best answer is to say both.
Reality is that most jobs require us to work both independently and in Teams.
Most employers want someone who can work well in a team and work well alone.

You can Answer like this

1. I would like to work in an environment where there is a blend of both.
 Its great to work in a team by sharing and learning ideas with each other, but it’s also great to sit at my own desk and work hard productively

2.I believe both are two sides of the same coin. They can never be isolated. A man has to work individually and also as a team player.The value of Teamwork is the emergence of new ideas and creative solutions as well as sharing of the work load.

10.what kind of salary you are looking for?

Always allow the interviewer to do it first. Do not give a figure right away.

After HR reply you can answer like this

1.I hope I'll get salary according to the company standards and designation to which I'm posting. The more important is to get an opportunity to work in this organization and enhancing my skills. Thank you.

2.Never say Lie about your current package,you can ask 25% - 50% from your present salary.

11.What do you know about this company/organisation?

Your answer should reflect your knowledge about the company and passion for the job

I learned that this company provides a strong core competency, very strong value systems and best practices so I believe I have a strong vision of viewing myself as a member of this company. Also it has one of the fastest growth rates and turnover in the industry and that would mean a faster growth rate for me as a professional.

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