Thursday, September 15, 2011

Enable Fast Parse in SSIS,Row number, Use of RS Utility,how to use SSAS Profile scheduler

How to enable Fast Parse in SSIS ?


Fast parse property is hidden in the depths of the advanced settings of a flat file. This property can drastically improve the performance of the SSIS package when using a flat files source or data conversion transform by basically not validating the columns that you specify.

To enable fast parse on either a flat file source or a data conversion transformation use the following steps.

·          Right-click the Flat File source or Data Conversion transformation, and then click "Show Advanced Editor".

·          In the Advanced Editor dialog box, click the "Input and Output Properties" tab.

·          In the Inputs and Outputs pane, click the column for which you want to enable fast parse.

·          In the Properties window, expand the Custom Properties node, and then set the "FastParse property" to True.

What is ROW_NUMBER  in SQL Server ?


It returns the sequential number of a row within a partition of a result set, starting at 1 for the first row in each partition.


ROW_NUMBER ( )  OVER ( [ <partition_by_clause> ] <order_by_clause> )

What is the use of RS Utility?


RS Utility is used to automate report server deployment and administration tasks Developers and report server administrators can perform operations on a report server through the use of the rs utility (RS.exe). Using this utility, you can programmatically administer a report server using Visual Basic .NET scripts.

  How to use SSAS Profiler Scheduler

Solution -

1. Download SSASTraceScheduler folder in a drive where you have ample space.

2. Run Timev1.exe

3. Type in the AS Server Name against which you want to run Trace and click on Connect.

4. If connection will be successful it will allow you to Schedule Traces

5. Schedule Trace timings

6. Click Start Trace.

7. Trace file will be generated in a folder where ProfilerScheduler.exe is located.




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