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PRAVEEN NUKALA                                             Email:praveennukala@gmail.com
   Mob:  +91 – 9848642429

Professional Summary:


Around 3.7 years of experience in IT industry as a Software Engineer in implementation of Data warehousing projects with MSBI as Developer.

In my tenure worked and working with various documents like Source Map, Source to Target, LLD, Change Request (CR), Unit Test and Defect Sheet docs according to the project.  Worked on various MSBI versions 2005,2008,2008R2.

Created and modified many packages and reports according to the
business demand with the given transformation or business logics.

Identifying long running queries, packages, reports etc..., implementing appropriate tuning methods.

Did data reconciliation across source systems ,tables and files by firing various queries.
Reporting errors in Error tables to client, rectifying known errors and running the packages and reports.

Following the given standard approaches while restarting and error handling.

Worked with various transformations(lookup,oledb,multicast,conditional split,derived column,merge etc..), control flow tasks and containers (forloop,foreachloop,execute sql,script etc...).

Implemented logging ,eventhadling ,transactions as and when required.

Loaded data into various tables through incremental,SCD approaches.

Created varous types of simple,complex,parameterized,actioned reports.
Worked with partial dash board ,drill down and drill through reports.

Good knowledge on Snapshots,Caches,Subscriptions and other reporting concepts.
Written Unit Testcases and submitted Unit test results as per the quality process.

Maintained versioning in VSS, and used various Configuration Files.

Knowledge on Sharepoint Server documentation.

Knowledge on MSBI 2012 architecture and components (DQS,BISM,
SQLSERVER Data Tools etc...)

Good understanding in Datawareshouse and Dimension modelling concepts (Star, Snow flake).

Professional Experience:




Feb-07 to till date

Cognizant Technology Solutions. Chennai


  • Had got awarded with WAH points for the best performance in project.
  • Got promoted to Associate in 3 years of experience in cognizant.
  • Had trained other associates in MSBI at Cognizant Academy.


  • 70448-Microsoft Business Intelligence Develeopment and Maintenance.
  • Brain Bench Certifications in Sqlserver and MSBI.

Other Technical Skills:

Areas of Expertise

ETL Tools

Operating Systems
Secondary Skills    
Sqlserver, VB scripting,Sharepoint Server

Educational Qualifications:

Title Of Course



B.Tech – Electronics & Communication Engineering
J.N.T.UNIVERSITY, Hyderabad/ A.I.E.T


Mrdp Conversion
MSBI  Developer
Hartford Life
SSIS,SSRS , Sqlserver,Win
·         The existing MRDP reports generation by oracle reports is to be replaced by the SSIS and SSRS jobs. There are several translations that should be set for each customer based on the customer id assigned to each customer. The translation files are created from EMS process, which has also the schedule job master file created. Totally there 60 reports that needed to be created by this process. The process runs on a daily basis.

·         As an Associate I involved in getting docs (which are kept in Sharepoint Server), understanding, analyzing ,creating and manipulating various packages and queries according to those.
·         In case of changes we follow CR document procedure of the client
·         I prepared several types of documents (Technical, Unit test) required for the project.
·         Different types of Data Loading (Direct, Incremental, SCD Type2  et...) implemented using packages  and used configuration files.
·         Handled errors in packages and reported errors in error tables.
.     Identified long running packages and did tuning according to the 
.     Written many Unit test cases and Implemented Unit test results.
.     Worked with various Control Flow items(For Loop,For Each loop,
      Sequence ,Execute Sql  task,File System task) and Data Flow items (Flat File and Oledb source and Dest,Derived column,Sort,Lookup,Conditional Split,Multicast etc...).
.    Created many simple,complex and dynamic reports.
.    Worked with Parameterised and action reports.
.    Implemented Drill down ,Drill through and Recursive operations.
.    Worked with tabular,cross tab and chart report items.
·         Writing various queries (duplications, tops, aggregate operations etc...) as part of reconciliation and business logics Validation.
·         Maintained versioning in VSS and FTS with appropriate comments.
·         Performance tuning of scripts when necessary.
.     Experienced in writing queries by using Sql commands,keywords,
      functions ,Sub Queries ,Set Operations and Joins.
·         Good knowledge on DWH and BI fundamentals.

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                                                                                                           (PRAVEEN NUKALA)

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