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Resume for 3 years-2

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F  Having 3 years of experience in Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools (SSIS, SSRS) and Sql server, Oracle as Databases.
F  Compiling strategic analysis for moving typical data from one source system to another source system and to warehouse and implemented ETL operations.
F  Created solutions, projects and packages and managing them.
F  Involved in various tasks such as Control Flow(Execute Sql task, For each loop Containers, Data Flow task, File System etc) and transformations such as Aggregate, Sort, Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Merge join, Multicast, Conditional split, Derived column etc..
F  Worked with logging and error handling in various projects.
F  Implemented SCDs while history maintenance in tables.
F  Involved in performance tuning at different levels (Package, Source, Destination and Transformation)
F  Created UNIT test cases and prepared Unit test results.
F  Implemented checkpoints at package level.
F  Worked with Sub queries, Joins, Set operations, Stored procedures extensively. 
F  Having knowledge in Data and Dimensional Modeling.

Academic Profile:

            Bachelor of Commerce from Sri Venkateswara University.

Personal Skills:

ETL Tools                  :           DTS, SSIS
RDBMS                      :           SQL Server 2K5, Oracle, Ms-Access
Operating System     :           Windows Family
Work Experience:

            Currently working as a Software Engineer at Mindtree, Bangalore. From Feb-2008 to till date
Project Details:

Project             :           Midland Courier
Client               :           Midland Courier (Canada)
Duration          :           April 2010 to till date
Technologies   :           Sql Server 2k5, SSIS,SSRS & MS Excel & Win2003 server
Description    :

            Midland Courier Limited helps to any cargo company both domestic and international to track the consignment from booking to delivery at individual locations. It automatically prints the account copy for the customer based on the contract.  Software is also useful for administration to check the status of branches i.e., no. Of consignments booked, no. Of consignments delivered, no. Of consignments pending etc. This internet-based service delivery system can help you streamline order entry, dispatching and billing. This software provides powerful system for timely and accurate billing and increase cash flow.                   
           The data warehouse basically is a Data Mart, as it covers only one domain of the business and captures data from their Transactional Database maintained under Client/Server Architecture. Using SSRS generated various kinds of reports for multi dimensional analysis. Data populated in to Facts and Dimensions using SSAS


F  Analyzing and Understanding the business requirements.
F  Created and manipulated many Packages.
F  Implemented ETL and business logic with various tasks and transformations.
F  Written many customized queries, implemented many performance improvements across packages.
F  Populating the Data from different source systems into DW using SSIS.
F  Creating SSRS reports from the data ware house and providing drill through capability from excel reports to SSRS report.
F  Performed data reconciliation across various source systems.
F  Created Unit test cases and Implemented unit test results.
Project Details:

Project             :           NAB Financial Detail Database
Client               :           National Australia Bank, Melbourne, Australia
Duration          :           Feb 2009 to Mar 2010
Technologies   :          
Description    :
            NAB banking group is operating in several countries and it is the largest bank in Australia. The project banking application system is used to take various business oriented decisions in order to develop the business. The project is to analyze the performance of products like, business overdraft, NAB debtor, Import Finance, Export Finance, Asset Finance, domestic trade over all countries. Various Transformations have been designed and developed to extract data from Source Applications snd load in to Data Warehouse. The purpose of the implementation is to understand the trends, performance and customer Analysis of the Bank. Subject ares covered in the warehouse are Accounts like Transaction Account, Saving Account, Specialist, NAB Multiply, NAB Transact and Direct Credit Account.


F  Responsible SSIS Package Developing.
F  Responsible of data loading processes.
F  Involved in Error Handling.
F  Creating SCD.
F  Creating Script task.
F  Responsible For SSIS Deployment. And Also Providing Roles.
F  Creating Parameterized Reports.
F  Creating Cascading Reports.
F  Providing Troubleshooting.

Project             :           Meg Activations
Client               :           Virgin Media, UK
Duration          :           Feb 2008 – Jan 2009
Technologies   :           Sql Server 2005, SSIS & SSRS, Windows Server 2003.

Description    :
            Virgin Media is one of the leading companies in telecom and media services in UK. They need to analyze huge amount of historical data to track their business functions which helps the management to come up with new packages for existing and new customers. By using SSIS tool, data is extracted from source systems, transforms the data and load it in to Data Warehouse. This data acts as source for the reporting for generating required reports for the client functional requirements.


F  Involved in the ETL phase of the project.
F  Creating, manipulating & deploying the packages.
F  Scheduling the ETL packages using SSMS.
F  Participated in Unit Testing and Reviews.
F  Worked with various transformations(Derived column, lookup, multicast, conditional split, Union all & sort

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